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People all over the globe flock to Kerala to get a dose of Ayurveda, the ancient form of Indian medical system. The person as a whole is in focus, mind, body and soul. The therapy entails cleansing of the mind body and soul. . Ayurveda is a completely herbal-based medical treatment using only the purest of elements. As such, there are no side effects whatsoever. Rejuvenation and revitalization is a very treasured thing in today's fast paced world.

Conventional Oil Therapy, where the medicated oils are gently applied over the body. This lowers the degree of fatigue and stress, delays aging, and improves sleep.

A mild fomentation procedure using a cloth dipped in hot water.

Instilling of 2 drops of oil in the nose just before inhalation.

Gargling lasts five minutes using different kinds of liquids (depending on individual needs).

Danta Dhavana
Five minutes of teeth cleaning with a herbal powder to prevent infections.

Lining the rims of the eye with an anti-infection paste for 5 minutes. This improves eyesight and delays cataract formation.

Pouring of 2-4 drops of medicated oil in each ear for five minutes. It protects the ears from infection.

A bath with herbal powders is administered at the end of each session. The first treatment session (including consultation) takes up to 3 hours. Subsequent sessions take approximately 90 minutes.

A treatment where the patient is made to lie on a special wooden bed (droni) after which, the medicated oil/milk/buttermilk are poured in a prescribed continuous stream on the head by the therapist, who is also assisted by two other therapists.

For the oil application on the head, a wide mouthed earthen vessel with a hole at the bottom is hung about two inches from the patientís forehead. A thread hangs forth from the hole along which the oil flows. The prescribed liquid is then poured into the vessel and on the upper forehead in a steady stream. The liquid drippings are collected and the oil is poured back into the vessel. The patient is then given a warm water bath or towelled off.

This treatment continues depending on the severity of each case, in order to alleviate fatigue, improve memory, restore equilibrium and is also effective in cases involving insomnia, migraine, ear nose diseases, spondilitis, paraplegia.

A specialised treatment involving squeezing a cloth soaked in oil over the body.

During this treatment, the patient is made to sit on the droni and then medicated oils are administered over the body and the head. Four therapists, two on either side of the patient aid in this process, especially if Dhara treatment is undertaken simultaneously.

A cloth is tied over the patientís forehead to prevent the oil from getting into the eyes. The warm medicated oil is then poured in a continually flowing single stream, squeezing a clean cloth dipped in oil over the body. The treatment starts and ends with the patient in a sitting position. In the duration in between, the patient is made to lie flat.

As is the case with Dhara, the duration and bathing process varies with each patient. Pizhichil oil therapy helps alleviate skeletal and muscular diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, lumbago, sciatica, hemiplegia, neuropathy, and more.

It is very important to note however, that because Ayurveda is tailor-made to suit each individual and the typical ailment, certain treatments might not be administered to him, as per doctorís orders.


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